Social Media Impact On Body Image

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Over the years social media has become a toxic mirror. Damage is being done to teen’s body image as movies, magazines, and television by enforcing the ‘ideal thin’. One article stated that, “80% of women say the images of women in the media makes them feel insecure.” So why are women so worry about other women’s body instead of trying to work to obtain the ‘perfect’ body image? As the years pass by, this image of the ideal body has becoming a more desirable to most women. It’s gotten to the point where 81% of 10 year old girls are too scared to become fat. So does social media impact on body image? Image you’re about to post a selfie on instagram which you found out came out better than you thought. As you hit the post button, you get very excited to see what others would think about this one picture. In seconds you get a couple likes and maybe two or three nice comments about how good your hair is or how pretty you are, but then someone comments, ‘you’re not even that pretty.’ Right away you check to see who decided to comment on your picture, most of the time it’s someone you never even meet. At some cases it could even be someone you know or even a private spam account. Some people might think, ‘oh it’s just a comment, get over it’ as this one comment is just a game, as this one comment can’t start a rollercoaster of emotions over the person’s comment on this ridiculous input, as why would they comment if it’s not true. This is a very important problem going on as this

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