Social Media Influences On Indian Culture

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Social media influences a shift from traditional ceremonies to modern flash mobs in Indian culture. In early days, community leaders would organise street performances and puppet shows to strengthen the community. However, in recent time, the phenomenon of flash mobs has taking over Indian youth culture. If searching online for flash mobs and India, one can find many videos and articles of such event. Some of older generations feel disheartened by this change, which to many signifies a loss of traditions. The street plays and puppet shows revolve around mythological tales and traditional Indian ideas and lessons, whereas, flash mobs promotes a fun dance along with a popular songs (most of which are western songs).
The female lifestyle is also affected by social media. Social networks allow people to connect, and being connected means influence and strength. An article from Economic Time discusses a changing drinking culture in India. The article mentioned the transformation of a nightlife in India from something extravagant to a common scene. The majority of the new customers are females. With better education and independence, Indian women see themselves having excess wealth to use, but the nightlife is still considered dangerous in a country where rape is quite common. This is where social networking comes in, Indian women set up dates with their friends easier with Fb, Twitter, Orkut, etc. Able to form group makes the nightlife safer and more enjoyable for women.
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