Social Media Is Bad For The Teenager Aspect Of Life By Causing World Corruption

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Social media is bad for the teenager aspect of life by causing world corruption in many ways. Social media can change and become cyberbullying, social outcasting, lack of communication skills, and most of all, not being able to find whom you can become. This is not only through social media, but also video games, television, and self-reflection caused through these. Social media have progressed so far that communicating through face to face talks don’t seem as appealing anymore. There is Skype where we can video chat. Also, Facebook where we can chat or blog about irrelevant things such as what we are eating at the moment. I have seen some people even text each other when sitting side by side. Technology is an addiction, one many have trouble overcoming. I 've had trouble with social media for a few years due to drama, since you 're not talking to the person 's face to face you seem to have a newfound courage to be mean or even two-faced. I then went without my phone for a year and felt as though I could finally breathe and take in whatever was around me. Lack of communication tends to cause us problems This can be caused by many things. When you may be texting someone, “alrighty then…” they may take it as rude due to not being face to face, but you meant it as you were unsure or even confused. This, therefore, creates an issue between you and the other party. We as a generation of self-absorbed people whose world revolves around technology mainly social media believe

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