Social Media 's Impact On Society

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Introduction Recent surveys have shown that approximately three-fourths of Americans use the internet. Of those internet users, nearly 74% of online adults use social networking sites (Pew’s Internet Project’s Research, 2014). In the last decade or so social media has been growing with many different websites dedicated to social media. These websites include FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, blogs, video sites, online chat rooms, and forums to communicate both professionally and personally. Social media users can post comments, pictures, ideas, opinions, and connect with friends and family. There has been a recent increase in the use of social media in the past decade with more people than ever using these sites. With more and more people sharing information through the internet and social media, there is an increased risk of people sharing data that violates privacy of others. Many individuals who use social media do not restrict themselves. With all the advancement in technology, such as mobile phones, users seem to lose sight of boundaries when it comes to personal information. Most people carry mobile phones that allow them access to endless applications. According to Pew’s Internet Project’s Research, “over forty-percent of smartphone carriers use their device to access social media” (Pew’s Internet Project’s Research, 2014). Social media is a great way for health care professionals to network with colleagues, students, and communicate about patient care. However,

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