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On December 19th, Target’s website and telephone lines were flooded with an increase in traffic of worried customers. Potential victims said they had trouble getting a hold of Target through its website and call centers (D’Innocenzio, 2013). Disgruntled customers took to social media in the forms of Twitter and Facebook to voice their opinion and look for answers. Some of the comments from disgruntled customers said they would stop shopping at target. Forbes Magazine even called the data breach the “nightmare before Christmas” (McGrath, 2014). Target responded by releasing a statement that said they were working hard to resolve the issues and were going to be hiring more workers to take calls and work out the problems with the website…show more content…
So far since the data breach a over 90 class action lawsuits have been filed against the Target Corporation. Due to the data breach target saw a decline in transactions during what is supposed to be the busiest holiday season of the year. The last weekend before christmas it was reported that targets transactions were down 3% - 4%. While target was experiencing a loss in sales other large retailers were reporting strong sales during the holiday season. In 2013 target also reported at 46% drop in fourth quarter profits. The Target data breach along with the data breach at Neiman Marcus has caused U.S retailers to push for more legislation and regulation on issues of data breach of large retailers. The Federal Trade Commision also pushed the government to give them more power to regulate the concerns of cyber security. This being one of the largest data breaches in history caused the government to take notice and begin to make moves to better protect the population from these attacks. Results and Impact On December 19th 2013 target experienced a drop in stock due to the data breach. Target Corporation stock fell more than 2% after the news of more than 40 million credit and debit
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