Social Motivation Of Social Ministry

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Introduction Many churches have moved beyond the atonement-only gospel to become socially involved in their community in providing ministries such as, relief services, personal development services and community development services. This strategy, of social involvement by the church has been welcomed by many and has increased positive perception of the church and by extension amplified the impact of the church. But, what is the motivation behind these social involvements of the church. Is it something that they do in order to be more effective and relevant in sharing the gospel? Or is it something they do because it is genetically linked to their faith? In this paper, the writer will argue that in principle, social ministry should not be done as a means to make the church relevant. That is, the motivation behind church-based social interventions should not be solely based on being relevant in order to be more effective in carrying out its mission, which is to make disciples. The writer proposes that social ministry ought to be a natural outworking of the church. As such, a church cannot be considered authentic if it is not involved in social ministry. Self-benefit Motivation If the church is motivated to be socially involved because of the need to make the ministry of church relevant, in order to be more effective in carrying out its mission, then the focus is not on the need of the person or community but, rather it is on the church achieving its missional goal. In this
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