Social Networking Tool For Facebook

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Facebook is a free, widely used social networking tool that allows anyone to craft an online profile and use it to connect with others (Rouse, 2014). On Facebook, businesses currently have many options to choose from to promote their business. One example is by using external ads that send users to the domain of your choosing for a fee—considered the “classic” ad (Marrs, 2013) but users can also create an online identity for their business that they can then use to interact with customers on a closer, more human level—especially when users hit that precious “like” button (Marrs, 2013). When choosing the classic route, users have access to a great deal of valuable tools and information such as targeted advertisement, the ability to set budgets for their ads as well as performance tools that let the company how the ads are working for them (Marrs, 2013). A similar tool is Facebook’s “sponsored posts” which allows companies to pay a fee in exchange for Facebook showing their post to a chosen audience (Marrs, 2013). Another way that helps many businesses find success is by hosting contests on their Facebook pages that offer incentives to users who “like” or “share” their posts—inadvertently driving traffic to the company’s page, helping them gain exposure (Marrs, 2013). Finally, the newest and most exciting ways that Facebook is helping new businesses are through Facebook Open Graph and Facebook Exchange (FBX) (Marrs, 2013). Facebook Open Graph allows businesses to connect
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