Social Psychology : Psychology And Behavioral Psychology

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Maria Collado
Social Psychology
Professor: Dr. Monique Guiscard
Answers to Homework #1
1-Social psychology is an approach that try to explain the way that people can be influenced by others in their “thinking, feelings, and in their behavior.” This influenced can happened by real or image presence of other people.
1A- Other major areas of study of are cognitive psychology and behavioral psychology this are the centrals. However, psychology has connections with social neuroscience, clinical psychology, positive psychology, health psychology, developmental psychology, personality psychology, and environmental psychology.
2- I think that the focus of “Psychology of Liberation” is to help in the reorganization of this society challenging the …show more content…

Maybe those kids are influence by what their parents say about colored people or by what they see on Tv.
3- hypothesis is a testable guess of what a researcher would find out in the experiment and how variables are connected.
3A- A hypothesis is different from a theory because a hypothesis is just a testable guess or predictions of what the researcher would probably find during the experiment and a theory is a tested statement that explains observations already made.
4A- An experiment is a research method where the researcher manipulates one variable to see the results in other or to see if there is change between the two variables.
4B- Experiment is the only method that gives causation or that explain cause and effect. I think that what experiments tells you about the relationship between behavior and thinking is that both are connected. However, the connections between them doesn’t mean that one thing causes the other because sometimes there are factors that might be related to the situation.
5- The hypothesis of the Clarks experiment was that “segregation”, “racism”, prejudice, and discrimination towards colored children might affect how they see themselves (their perception).
The cause and effect relationship that the Clarks were trying to explore were that the effects of racism based on skin color might lead children to have a wrong self-image and children

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