Social Reproduction Theory And The American Education System

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Social reproduction theory is important and relevant to society because it challenges an institution that we have been socialized to honor and protect. In America, we believe that we have equal opportunities to succeed by educating ourselves in the school system. However, our social class and identity dictate how much access we have to those very opportunities that can lead to success. By examining this theory of social reproduction, we can further understand the roles that culture and social class play in reproducing power structures in America. In order to further explore how social reproduction theory perpetuates inequality in the US education system, I will include books and scholarly journals that speak about the concepts and theories related to social reproduction theory. By examining existing theories of social class and reproduction, of different forms of capital, of dominant and non-dominant ideologies of identity, and by looking at how those findings are applied to the education system, I will consolidate evidence that enhances the social reproduction theories of inequality in the American education system. Social and Reproduction Theories Marx, Karl, and Friedrich Engels. Manifesto of the Communist Party,. New York: International, 1948. Print. In contemporary America, there is a dominant notion that we live in a classless society. Under capitalism, Karl Marx would argue that we are undoubtedly divided at the hands of the ruling class. In the political
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