Social Responsibility And Ecological Sustainability

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4. Social Responsibilities and Ecological Sustainability.

To begin this topic I would like first to describe the notion of the terms Corporate Social Responsibility and Ecological Sustainability and their principles.
4.1. Corporate Social Responsibility.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – is a set of commitments, corresponding to the specificity and level of development of the company, whish is reviewed regularly and dynamically changing. CSR is voluntarily and agreed with the participation of key stakeholders, taken by the company’s management, with particular reference to the views of staff and shareholders. It is performed in mainly at the expense of the company and aimed at the realization of significant internal and external social programs, the results of which contribute to the development of the company (production growth, improving the quality of
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The social component of sustainability is aimed at the person and is focused on preserving the stability of the social and cultural systems, including the reduction of destructive conflicts among people. An important aspect of this approach is the equitable sharing of benefits. It is also desirable to preserve the cultural capital and diversity at the global level, as well as a better use of sustainable development practices available in the non-dominant cultures. To achieve sustainable development, modern society will have to create a more efficient decision-making system, which takes into account historical experience and encourages pluralism. It is important not only to achieve intra- and intergenerational justice. As part of the concept of human development, man is not an object but the subject of development. Based on the expansion of human choices as the main value, the concept of sustainable development implies that people should participate in the processes that shape the scope of their activities, promote the adoption and implementation of decisions and monitor their
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