Social Stratification As A System Of Inequality Essay

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Social stratification is a system of inequality in which one’s wealth, power, and rank in society are looked at to create social hierarchy (Larkin, 2015). A better way to understand this system is by looking at “The Larkin Stratification Diagram”. This shows the structure of stratification where it starts with the social differentiation, then social inequality, social order, social stratification, organizing principles of stratification, social structure, social institutions, and the life options which become embedded in social positions (Larkin, 2015). The start of this system is the social differentiation of a society or the human diversity of the world, which basically means that not everyone starts off with equal benefits/standings. The social inequality is the true differences of individuals in society, and these differences are what then create the make-up and social order of the society. All of these things are what then create the stratification system where the individuals are placed into different roles to complete the needed tasks of society. Then come the organizing principles of gender, race, and class, which make up the systems criteria. The social force of sociohistorical and political action create these criteria, which aid in determining who should fill certain positions in society (Larkin, 2015). The organizing principles also aid in creating social structure where each individual is assigned a role based upon their status, role and group. Although these

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