Social Transformations Of New Capitalism

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discourse, and specifically discourse that reveals social transformations of New Capitalism, but to determine "how societies work and produce both beneficial and detrimental effects and of how the detrimental effects can be mitigated if not eliminated" (Christie, 2003, p. 203). Fairclough’s critical approach to texts societal elements affect personhood via discourse. Through his exploration of how the New Capitalism imposes constraints on individuals and societies, Fairclough argues that all people have agency although it is limited by social structures that are imposed on them. Social agents have the ability to “texture texts” and to “set up relations between elements of texts” (p. 22). Linguistic and genre restrictions partially …show more content…

9). The concept of intertextuality provides important analytic insights into comprehending the use of repetition, which is one of the main foci in the book. Drawing upon Friedrich’s (1986) notion of individual imagination, Tannen proposes that communication occurs when individuals activate their imagination to make sense of another’s speech. In other words, it is through the processes of individual imagination that people construct knowledge as well as emotions. The details and images produced by one’s speech generate sounds and scenes associated with emotions in others’ minds which enable them to create a shared meaning. This shared meaning then creates a community where individuals are united in relationships. Within and across different communities, Tannen argues that one’s identities are socially constructed through the joint production of meaning and relationships between interlocutor(s) and interactant(s). Examining the notion of intertextuality and the essential relationality of meaning in language, Tannen proposes the need to consider identity construction as social and interactional processes. Talking Voices: Repetition, Dialogue, and Imagery

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