Social Value And Identity

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Social Value and Identity My discourse community is one of a kind, and special, because we are all so close so we always know what's going on with each other. We also always have something to do every day there is never a day where we would just sit around and be bored. We also are all athletes, so we go to the gym and run basketball games and workout. My discourse community is important because we keep each other on the right path and not let each other go down the wrong road. If one of us has a problem we can help them handle it. It's also a place where we can tell each other things, and the whole world won't know because we keep things between us. This is extremely important because you always need someone to talk to you can't just keep everything to yourself. The type of people that thrive in my discourse community are hustlers this is because we are always thinking of ways for us to make money so you need to be able to come with ideas to contribute to our community. Self-motivated people thrive in our discourse community because you got to be willing to do things without being asked to. Another type of person that thrives in this community is someone who doesn't get pushed around, because at this time there is a lot of people mad with us for something that happened. So, when we see them in public they always are trying to start a problem. When that happens, we can't just let them push us around, because that would make us look weak so we got to be able to stand up

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