Social Work Case Review Essay

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The government, local authority and independent organisations are making every effort to safeguard vulnerable adults, children and young people by introducing new policies and procedures in workplace. With no exemption in care home setting, company policies and procedures are reviewed and updated regularly as a result of the change of laws, regulations and quite commonly from recommendations after serious case reviews and inquiries particularly. There are few serious case reviews and inquiries have had impact on the change of policies and procedure in recruitment process. The most famous and influential serious case review is the Bichard inquiry which has dramatic impact on the check of criminal record disclosure (CRB) for employers when they …show more content…

The DBS system had introduced online registration for applicants and by subscribing and paying small amount of fee will keep their own DBS certificate up to date. So if they wish to apply another job in the same job setting, they can simply provide the check instantly without a long waiting time. It may sounds very promising and positive, nevertheless the shortcoming cannot be ignored. This new feature of online service is not well known by public or even some private companies. Most of them are still using the same way of applying checks for their employees. Besides people only need the DBS check when they are looking for a new job, who would like to pay money to keep their check up to date for just in case they may need it in future? On the contrary, if people change their job regularly in a short period of time in the same job setting, there must be some unusual reason behind and I personally would like to find out bit more. Moreover, even the online certificate had been known by some organisations, they still will request the employee to apply through the old way. Our trust is one of them. I had one employee who was registered with DBS online service and after consulting with our HR advisor, the normal DBS procedure was still required for

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