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Theme 3: Feelings of being in an organization far from the core of social work

The sub themes were: 1) feeling captured in an organization where only economic performance seems to count and feeling that the goals and result that the organization strives for is unrealistic.

Feeling captured in an organization where only economic performance seems to count represent emotional states of being overwhelmed by all incentives to measure different variables, foremost measurement related to costs and economics. The result of all measurements performed does not create the feeling that they reflect in a genuine manner, how social services manage to support people to live independent lives. People in need of support from social services have inexact and complex needs, thus this cannot be measured alone by means of purely technical or …show more content…

A great deal is focused on the economy. If I compare then and now. In the past, we never talked about money. I´m talking about the 70's/…/ never talk about money. Now the only thing we talk about is money. It's truly frustrating (IP 4).

Yes, when you say that word, then I feel like this rrrrrrraaaaaar ... squares, stripes, and form ... pushed into a template ... it feels like a constant struggle (IP 5)

Experiences of having frustrating feelings inside, is common, since the clients´ voices and client outcomes are so absent. These feelings arises due to the experience that politicians have limited knowledge of the core of social work.

They don´t always understand the complexity/…/ I believe that politicians ask about simple results [since] they remain uncomplicated to understand (IP 4)

…there are a variety of factors [working with] humans that influences and we work a lot with the human, and therefore there will be several factors that can affect the outcome we are trying to measure (IP

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