Social Workers And Health Care Professionals

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Description of EBI Social workers and health care professionals are conveniently positioned to recognize and intervene in cases regarding financial elder abuse. An evidence-based educational intervention was established to aid practitioners in their decision-making regarding this epidemic. The objective was to test the effectiveness of a decision-training educational intervention on professionals new to the field and their ability to detect elder financial abuse (Harries et al, 2014). There are many forms of elder abuse. Recently, financial abuse has been found to be the most predominant form of elder abuse (Harries et al, 2014). Commonly, rates of elder financial abuse are underestimated and underreported (Pillemer & Finkelhor, 1988). Even though there has been research that show practitioners having some ability to identify extreme cases of abuse, they are lacking in knowledge and awareness regarding less obvious situations (Harries et al, 2014). It has been noted that these practitioners are not properly trained to identify the warning signs of financial abuse (Harries et al, 2014). These practitioners do not deny these allegations and they have reported feeling that they lack the knowledge regarding detection of financial abuse. Social workers and healthcare professionals are in a good position to identify financial abuse especially when they have regular contact with the elderly population. In this time of economic recession, the need to be aware of financial abuse
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