Social Workers and Teen Fathers

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Social workers challenge social injustice and pursue social change, particularly with and on behalf of vulnerable and oppressed individuals and groups of people. A social worker in Marcos' community will need to start with a framework for assessing the community. According to Netting, Kettner, McMurtry and Thomas (2012), comparing the needs of the community to another will present a target population. If we are to use teen fathers as out target population based on our case scenario, we can move to identifying the characteristics of the population. While there is much research and relative known resources for teen mother, teen fathers are lacking attention (Thompson & Crase, 2004). The goal of this community assessment wills identify the lack of known and available resources to teen fathers, and how it impedes their wellbeing. Netting et al. (2012) divide community assessment into three parts. Task one is to focus on the target population. Identify the population or subgroup, understand the characteristic and locate date and information on the members in the population. Second, Neeting et al. (2012) determine community characteristic by, space, social problem, shared values and oppression and discrimination experienced. Third, Netting et al. (2012), identify the community structure, in terms of power, resources available, service and deliveries and patterns of resource control. Methods of data collect can be from research regarding demographics, history and current
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