Social and Economical Development Bring Changes to Govenment

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With the changes of social and economic development, government role in political decision-making has also been changed. Its importance tends to be decreased in the decision-making process or shift into other forms of political institutions. Governance as a process of government making policies is one of the many theories that emerged to explain these changes.
In the tradition, government are the central and the unique actor in political decision-making, administrating society and providing services. For example, government provides the social welfare services. And government was the only legitimate ruler in society to make regulations. However, the government position has been weakened by the changing dynamics of society. It is more focusing on governance as a process of governing, rather than looking at government as the only decision-maker. Therefore, governance has been depicted as ‘the process whereby societies or organisations make important decisions, determine whom they involve and how they render account.’ But this is a very simple narrative about governance that only explains part of characters of governance. And it has not explicitly explains what governance means. Since governance is a process, there are various ways to answer the question depending on which approaches being used in the process. Due to this, governance can have different explanations.
According to Rhodes, he argues that governance can be applied in many areas with different concepts. And with

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