Social and Political Aspects in Kipling and Dickens' Writing Styles

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Social and Political Aspects in Kipling and Dickens' Writing Styles

The Victorian period started from 1830 to 1901, and it was known for various aspects. These aspects are distributed between authors and writers of this era. The Victorian period is so called due to Queen
Victoria who ruled Britain successfully, and the city of London expanded from about two million people to six and a half at the time of her death. Charles Dickens and Rudyard Kipling are representatives of Victorian literature; each of them is concerned with specific social and political issues of that era, and these issues are shown in their stories. Charles Dickens story is “Great Expectations” and
Rudyard Kipling’s story “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi”.

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As is known, children at that time were made to work and they were forced into workhouses because their living status was low. This is what we can call “child abuse”. Charles Dickens’ story deals mostly with humans in the British culture. Rudyard
Kipling’s story deals with animals which are used figuratively and that is, to represent the people of India at that time of the
Victorian period. These animals respect their masters and respond to their demands especially that they sacrifice themselves for white people. So in “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi” Rikki saves the family members’ lives by killing the snake.

Social aspects in Britain lead children to steal and be criminals in order to live and satisfy their desires. Besides that, there was no education. That’s why children were not taught manners or even learned how to respect. As for Pip he was forced to steal food for the convict, to submit to his demands. Otherwise he would get something he does not like, and therefore once a child gets into a life of crime it is hard for him to get out of the cycle.

But Kipling’s story is different, it represents India as foreign society for Teddy, who he can not cope with, and at the same time he tries to control Rikki and put him under his

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