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What would happen if we all made the same amount of money? To understand what our society would be as socialist, we must understand the difference between socialist and capitalist ideas. The question becomes not so much as what is socialism, but how does it differ from capitalism, and what is wrong with capitalistic ideas to where we would need socialism. The problem becomes where do you draw the line between capitalism and socialism to where we have trust, sense of community and also competition? If the answer were that simple we would live in a perfect society. A problem that is happening in our society is that intellectual conversations about our society and nations problems are not occurring. With our individualistic lifestyle we…show more content…
. Karl Marx and Frederich Engels believed that the government and upper class could not just give up and create a classless society. He believed that the constant struggles of the class system would force the working class into a revolution. Through dialectical materialism set by Georg Hegel, Marx was able to create a theory of a classless society. This society would be achieved through the joint union of the middle class, proletarians, and overthrow of the governing upper class, bourgeois. Marx realized that with the unification of the working class, they would be able to better themselves and their lives, and in doing so, better society on the whole. The focus of Marx’s philosophical writings about social structure is alienation. He believes that social or psychological alienation arises out of economic or material alienation. In other words, consciousness is determined by material conditions. He states that the alienated person feels a lack of meaning in his life, or a lack of self-realization. There are three types of alienation. The first type of alienation is alienation from oneself. The second type of alienation is alienation from his fellow human beings, and the third type of alienation is alienation from the world as a whole. Marx sees material alienation as the cause of social or psychological alienation. Material alienation he said is caused by the existence of private property. Private property came into existence through

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