Socialization And Socialization

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Technology is an ever-growing field in the world. As the years progressed, technology has changed things into making them easier to use and time efficient than their counterparts in the past, and one of the biggest changes is socialization. Socialization has gone from going up to a person to talk to them in person to just texting or emailing them from their phone even if they are miles apart, and the biggest contributor to socialization in the present day is social media. It can come in many platforms ranging from a blog to videos, and it can be used for different purposes. It has even come to the point where it is a sole source of income from people. With social media becoming such a central part of people’s lives, there is the question whether social media improves socialization or inhibits it. First, the data collection method that was used in the experiment was face-to-face interviews with the participants. The first interviewee was a seventeen-year-old African American male that is a senior in high school, and he has no source of income. The second interviewee is a twenty-one-year-old African American female who, at the moment, has no source of income. Next, the third participant was a forty-year-old Caucasian female who previously had no income, but she was just accepted for a job. Lastly, the forth participate was a fifty-six-year-old African American female that income comes from working at a school. Now, it is time to present the findings. All the interviewees

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