Society In Pre Colonial Society

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Pre-colonial society were easy to gain control of because they did not want to fight or have any war so they decided on peaceful arrangements. Their religion also made it easy for colonizer to gain control because they were very superstitious and would always need to consult the oracle before doing anything. Pre-colonial society was easy to gain control of since there was no one to lead the clan in unity since they went off titles. The people of pre-colonial society were very oblivion so they would give the colonizers anything that they would ask for. The elements of pre-colonial society that made it vulnerable to the colonizers were that they were unwilling to fight, superstitious due to their religion, had no leader and were oblivion. The Village of Umuofia was peaceful and the people were not willing to fight for any reason and if it was possible they will rather settle it with a peaceful settlement. In the second chapter, the village of Umuofia had a problem with the village of Mbaino since one of Umuofia daughter was murdered in Mbaino and they gave them a choice to either have a war or to give up a fifteen-year-old and a virgin of their own to replace the murdered daughter of their village (11). The villages did not want to go to war with Umuofia when they have a problem because that village is known for having strong men and so they will rather decide on a peaceful settlement rather than go to war with them and loose. This gave the colonizers easy control of the

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