Society Today Is Obsessed With The Ultimate Question, When

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Society today is obsessed with the ultimate question, when is this all going to come crashing down? â The end is near,â is the reoccurring theme in

many hit movies, and television series. Consumers are eating this type of entertainment up. In part, because people are naturally drawn to the unknown. The end of the world is romanticized in today 's culture. From Y2K to an ancient Mayan prophecy, the interest from the population is astounding. In Efrim Menuckâ s poem â Dead Flag Blues,â he paints a vivid picture of the end of

times. He couples his descriptive word play with intense symbolism of the apocalypse. With feelings of love, and the idea of beauty in destruction, Menuck sets the stage for a dark, emotional piece that evokes …show more content…

â And the sewers are

all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides,â (Menuck) here, menuck is

suggesting that those who realized the end is near decided to take their own lives and save themselves from facing the horrors of the end of the world. The next line, â And a dark wind blows,â (Menuck) suggests itâ s only going to

get worse. I like to believe this is foreshadowing for the reader, as if he is tipping us off that the scene being described is only about to become more gruesome. Already, the artwork by Phill Hopkins aligns perfectly with the feeling of this poem. Hopkins presents a city, in turmoil, burning to utter destruction. The city, colored dark and dreary, contrasts so well with the vibrant illustration of fire rising high above the damaged skyscrapers. The conflict being shown, obviously is the destruction of what was once a vast city, as shown by the layering of the picture suggested by the smoke clouds shadowing the tops of buildings. Back to the poem, Menuck also writes a straightforward example of conflict. â The government is corruptâ (Menuck). Although much of

the story presented in this poem is open for interpretation on how the world came crashing down, this isnâ t the only reason presented. Menuck concludes the

poem with â I open up my wallet/ And it 's full of bloodâ (Menuck). Here,

Menuck is using Capitalism as another source

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