The End Is Near ! Or Is It? Essay

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The End is Near! Or is it? Numerous individuals and groups have been suggesting that the end of the world is near for quite some time. Many think the world is going to end through some cataclysmic event while others think their deity is returning for them on a certain date. WALL-E, an animated film created by Pixar in 2008, suggests that the world will not end by such a deity’s return or cataclysmic event. Instead, the film offers the theory that our world will end from the actions and developments of the planet’s most influential inhabitants, humans. WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth class, is the last robot still operating on an earth. He has been abandoned by humans, who now live on massive self-sustaining spaceships. He goes about his daily life cleaning up trash left on the barren and uninhabitable wasteland, while bringing back all objects he deems interesting back to his home. One day he spots EVE, a female robot who has been sent back to earth to scan for green life. WALL-E gives EVE a plant he previously found and she immediately shuts down and is taken to space as WALL-E hitches a ride. Aboard a ship called the Axiom, WALL-E and EVE work to get the plant to the captain against the will of AUTO, the antagonistic auto-pilot of the ship. Eventually they succeed and the captain, after reviewing the history of earth, decides to bring the ship back home to start fresh by planting the solitary plant brought in by EVE. WALL-E provides a glimpse at

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