Society and Beauty

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Two very qualified women go to a business office for a job interview.  The job entails a lot of contact with people.  Both women are upbeat and perky and have almost identical experience in the field; the only major difference between the two women is the way they look.  One woman is tall and slim with an attractive face.  The other is a heavy-set "Plain Jane."  The attractive woman got the job.


            Unfortunately, in society today looks are very important.  It is a fact that people who are good looking have an easier time excelling in their careers and in life in general than people who are not.  This is a sad and very shallow
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Because of their fear of fatness, anorexics refuse to eat and may loose up to forty percent of their body weight.  The ability to fight the hunger pains and the urges to binge give anorexics a sense of control and power (Renfrew Internet).  The anorexic person diets more and insists on being thinner than anyone else.  Anorexics like to hear that they are "too skinny" and thrive on the attention they gain (Pipher 66).  They are obsessed with food but they avoid it at all costs. 


Anorexics have an obsession with becoming unrealistically thin.  They may weigh themselves up to twenty-one times a day, plan every detail of an extremely low calorie meal, and eat the same food at the same time every day (Sonder 26).  Anorexics have very low self-esteem and feel

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