Socio Cultural Characteristics Of Social Exchange With Host Country Nationals

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they have outlined adjustment in terms of subjective well-being or sad feelings of expatriates concerning their circumstances. What is more, adjustment in terms of socio-cultural characteristics is achieving effectiveness in social exchange with host country nationals. Adjustment is generally “acceptance”, that explains that adjustment refers to psychological discomfort which might be classified as work, general, and interaction adjustment. Work adjustment refers to expatriate comfort with the job; general adjustment refers to expatriate comfort with non-work factors like food, language, transportation, recreation etc.; and interaction adjustment refers to comfort related to interaction of expatriates with host country nationals within and outdoors the work. Cultural adjustment is said to a line activities and work adjustment is said to figure, whereas interaction adjustment is said to each work and non-work environments. Expatriate adjustment is completely associated with job performance and once expatriates properly suits the host country general setting, their job performance are going to be just like such performance within the home country. Additionally, if expatriates develop higher relationships with native staff, this may be useful for expatriates to satisfy the performance expectations of the corporate. What is more, society adjustment is completely associated with expatriate job performance. Some researchers have through empirical observation examined all

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