Sociocultural Interview Report

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Many sociocultural factors influence our recreation and leisure choices in society. To further comprehend the influences, I interviewed a child and a disabled person on their recreational participation and use the results to compare and contrast to Kraus’. There are several benefits and limitations attributing to each particular socioculture in our society. Participation in certain activities may be of interest for a lifetime and some may change or evolve depending on the circumstances. Age factor influences a child’s behavior, motives, patterns, and values in correlation to their recreational or leisure time activities. The child interviewee’s main age factors consisted of whether the experience was indoors or outdoors and whether or not …show more content…

Kraus’ explains, “All people need diversified recreational opportunities: those with disabilities are no different”. According to Kraus’ recreation for the disabled is either a form of treatment, participation in the activity itself, or special recreation. When interviewing my disabled mother, I was able to draw a connection between her personal situation and two of Kraus’s standpoints. I feel it’s important to mention my moms Caucasian, lower-middle class, which interconnect with disabled being her socioculture. During my interview I chose to contrast her before and after her disability occurred. My mother underwent a hysterectomy during which the doctor cuts a never in her leg, resulting in deterioration and life lasting disability. To add more coals to the fire, she was struck by a drunken drive on St. Patrick’s Day two years later. My mom benefits from water therapy as recreation because the water relieves the stress and creates a state of weightlessness. Kraus’ suggests therapeutic recreation enhances self-esteem, increases social skills, and focuses on improving the functional state of the individual. My mom lives approximately 1.5 hours from a specialized doctor, which requires her to travel far to receive her recreational therapy. As a result, traveling to recreate increase the cost of gas and food. I asked my mom, “Approximately how much money do you spend annually on recreation?” and she …show more content…

After interviewing two individuals from different sociocultures, I have compared and contrasted several benefits and limitations within their recreation and leisure pursuits as to the text. There were many similarities and few differences between Kraus’ and my interviewees. Participation in certain activities may be of interest for a lifetime and some may change or evolve depending on the circumstances. Circumstances such as a disability may force an individual to modify their lifestyle and interests or motivate them to push harder toward new leisure experiences. With age comes changing interests and an evolving individual lifestyle in which are influenced by technology, media, and the outdoors. Don’t focus on limitations, instead what you can contribute to recreation time, Martin Luther King once said, "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving

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