Socioeconomic Inequity

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Name: Quan Tao
Class: Writing 100
Teacher: Mrs. Cora
The 3rd Essay
We are living in 21th century and people obviously know about social inequity. Normally, they will think that socioeconomic class is the main effective factor of social inequity. Wealthy people are treated better because they have money and their social class is higher than the other economic segments. They also have more privileges than lower economic class people. Unfortunately, it is very hard to get out of lower economic class; lower economic class people must work very hard to pay for their living conditions and education which takes almost their salary and they also get paid less from the wealthy people whom they are working for. In this essay, I will be focusing on how education effects on socioeconomic mobility.

In the U.S News and World Report, there was an article named “Where Do You Fall in the American Economic Class System”, the author David Francis pointed out that 15 percent of U.S population are below the poverty line and they only have income of 23,050 for a family of four people. After that, the white-collar workers who have college educations, their salary is falling in between 32,500 to 60,000 a year and they are in lower-middle class people (David Francis.). From this information, we can understand it is very challenging to have a better life, especially for our children. One of the important factor to enhance socioeconomic class is education, however, to get good education is very
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