Sociological Analysis of Brother's Keeper

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Brother's Keeper Sociology is an important part of science in that it tends to create a distinction between the different values and norms that people hold in the society. Theories in sociology have been depicted in books and movies. Brother’s Keeper is a 1992 movie by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. The movie tends to reveal the characters of different members of the society. It creates a distinction between the different forms of social orders that exist in the society. The movie revolves around the lifestyle of The Ward brothers who live in Munnsville; New York. The movie’s main theme tends to contrast two groups of people in the society. One group consists of people who come from the rural areas while the other group is that of people from the urban setting. The social norm of the people in the rural areas is based on simplicity and illiteracy. The story revolves around the murder of one of The Ward Brothers. The death of William occurs and his brother Delbert is accused of killing him. Delbert denies the allegations but before he is set free he is taken into custody and made to sign some forms. According the social norms of the people of Munnsville, The Ward Brothers are illiterate and they live a life of simplicity. After the death of William, law enforcers make Delbert to sign some forms that he does not understand because of his illiteracy. This can be seen as a contrast in the social order between the rural setting and the modern urban setting. This notion is

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