Sociological Approaches Of Sexuality In The Media

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Sociological Approaches of Sexuality in the Media Sociology, much like psychology, allows new understandings in the human world. Three approaches in this field allow us to categorize human behavior and explain how and why society does or does not work. The functionalist, conflict, and symbolic approaches will be used in this paper to describe LGBTQ+ representation in the media. Media representation of the LGBTQ+ Community is one example of how these approaches can be used to explain modern civilization. The Functionalist Approach is the idea that society is interconnected. All parts of society affect the others, this allows for society to work as an equal whole. Each piece of society connects to the other and builds a stable foundation for civilization. The terms functional and dysfunctional are imperative to this approach; functional means the social elements that help stabilize the system, while dysfunctional means the elements that destabilize the system. Manifest is an important term that means the main function of an element. Latent means the bonus functions of an element. For example, The Education system’s manifest function is to educate people; however a latent function is the ample opportunity for social connections. There are two other approaches to socialism. (Schacht, Knox, Mooney, 1904.) The next approach is the Conflict Approach. This approach is marked by the ideas that society is based on a system of inequalities. Groups of a society are forced to compete

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