Sociological Imagination, By C. Wright Mills

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Every day, we are surrounded by people who are fighting a constant battle in order to survive and make ends meet. However, society tends to overlook these people, as if they were an “invisible minority”. In order to recognize the influence of society forces on our personal lives, C. Wright Mills created a concept known as sociological imagination, which allows people to become aware of the relationship between personal experiences and the larger society (1959, 1). With sociological imagination, we can view the problem as a trouble or as an issue. Troubles occur from an individual perspective, within the character and within his or her immediate social relations. On the other hand, issues arrive from a societal perspective, which are caused by society’s history and institutions and are way beyond the individual’s control (Hironimus-Wendt and Wallace 2009, 76-77). As I began the “Spent” exercise, I was given three job opportunities to choose from. I decided to take the job offer as a warehouse associate, with a pay of $9.00 an hour. My mom works at Domino’s Sugar and she physically, and mentally exhausts her body in order to survive. I decided to look at this exercise as a way of walking in my mother’s shoes. After surviving the month, I gained a better appreciation for all the hardship my mom has faced and is still facing because I was able to recognize how powerful societal forces are, which ultimately, impacted both of our lives. During the “Spent” exercise, some of the
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