Sociological Moment : Caitlyn Jenner

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Sociological Moment #2
Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, who used to be a man, transitioned this spring to become a woman. This October, Caitlyn Jenner was honored as Glamour magazine’s Woman of The Year. She has faced many criticism ever since she has transitioned and got many more after receiving this particular award. Caitlyn transitioned because she felt as if she had lied to herself and the world. She had a big secret and did not want to live her life like this. She is now a happy transgender woman.

A transsexual, which is someone who does not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth. Bruce did not feel as if he fitted in society when he was a male. Now that he is Caitlyn he feels free, although she has to face many criticism. Caitlyn got a lot of backlash after receiving the Woman of the Year Award. People were saying that she has not even been a woman for a year so she does not deserve this award. I agree with these comments. However, I think that Caitlyn does not deserve this award because she has not experienced the real struggles of a woman. Caitlyn said “The hardest part of being a woman is figuring out what to wear”. Throughout history, women have faced a lot of issues due to their gender. Bruce, who has lived most of his life as a rich white male has had many privileges. White privilege, is a term for societal privileges that benefit white people in Western countries beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social,

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