Sociological Perspective

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Coming from AJP, I needed to cross Fifth Avenue to start my walk, and like what I had to do every day when I had class at that building, I found myself once again waiting for the walk sign to appear across the street. This Sociological Perspective of seeing society in our everyday lives showed how the smallest personal choices, even the action of walking, is affected and shaped by society and how it functions. As I was walking through Fifth Avenue, I noticed that there were buildings at every corner of this long street. Students, some wearing Carlow gear while others wore Pitt gear, populated the sidewalks, conversing with other students. As I got farther into Fifth Avenue, I could see UPMC hospitals and signs with directions of entrances and parking lots. People populated the end of the sidewalk in this street, waiting at the Bus Stop sign. In the area of Forbes Avenue, there were a lot of restaurants, and I noticed many students walking to get in and eat.
The pedestrian traffic was very similar to the automobile traffic on the street. Through the Sociological Perspective of seeing the general in the particular, I was able to identify the general patterns of the group of pedestrians walking on the sides, including myself. There is a systematic way in society that traffic runs, and as I was walking, I, along with the rest of the pedestrians near me, looked both ways of the street before crossing at the end of the streets at Forbes. At one point in my walk near in Forbes,

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