Sociological Perspective On Love : The Ideology Of Love

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The Ideology of love has many sociological concepts, despite it sounding unfamiliar. Everyone has a different perspective towards love, as to what it stands for and what it means. According to the Webster dictionary, love is defined as a “strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties” (Webster). In class, we define love as a deep affection and concern for another, with whom one feels a strong emotional bond. It’s crucial to realize and question on how love is sociological, without just thinking love is formed naturally with a spiritual connection. There is a cause for the physical reactions that we feel as well as social dimensions coming into play. There are social foundations of love. The arguments I will be making …show more content…

In class, we learn that race/ethnicity is one of the (if not THE) primary restrictions that individuals apply to their choice of marriage partner.
Between - Partner Similarity :
Elizabeth Aura McClintock conducted a research study in which displays strong evidence of matching on physical attractiveness, education, and occupational status (SEI). The correlations between her and his expected college graduation status (.575), years of completed education (.557), and SEI (.546) are especially strong. This evidence particularly pertains to college students as it shows a preference difference between particular groups. The between-partner correlation in attractiveness (.256) is similar in magnitude to equivalent correlations between all other samples known to the author (Barelds et al. 2011; Stevens et al. 1990). McClintock as well includes that none of the statistically significant between-partner within-trait correlations are negative. This correlates within the exchange model in which high-status but homely individuals are paired with low-status but good-looking partners.
Evidence: With the concept of “Homophily” in mind, psychologists have found that actual and perceived similarities between potential romantic partners in categories such as demographics,

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