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Soc 120 Niyogi

Final Exam Study Questions 1. Discuss two aspects of the racial formation theory (Omi and Winant). Use examples to illustrate your answer. What role does the racial state play in racial formations?

2. In the movie, ‘Race: the Power of an Illusion’ (episode 2) how did expanding democracy intersect with American society becoming increasingly “race-based”? Why did race become one of the most important parts of national life?

3. According to Brodkin what was “the biggest and best affirmative action program”? Discuss two factors pointed out by her that contributed to the success of Jews.

4. John Smith a middle class white man, has lunch with Tatum (Defining Racism) and Lipsitz (Possessive …show more content…

Both bussing and tracking both categorize students on qualities but racialzed. If students fall off the track they are put into a lower track which limits their academic progress.

Busing in kids from other neighborhoods. Underprivileged to privilege neighborhoods.

6. Discuss Kozol’s main findings about our educational system. What is the impact of race and class in presenting obstacles to educational success?

7. Use ideas from clips from Unnatural Causes to highlight how inequality effects health outcomes. Discuss two examples.

Obesity, high blood pressure (Stress)

Can find this on youtube!

8. What does Davis mean by the term “prison industrial complex”? What is the school to prison pipeline?

9. Highlight a contemporary manifestation of discrimination in the workplace. Connect the institution of work with one other institution to explain the perpetuation of inequality. 10. Discuss two drawbacks of adopting a black/white binary analysis of race and racism? Use examples from readings by Sethi, Shah, Wu etc. 11. Explain the myth of the model minority and why it has persisted. Highlight two negative consequences of the model minority label. How does Sonia Shah’s articulation of Asian American identity challenge the model minority perspective? 12. What is the role played by the mass media in perpetuating class inequality?

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