Software, Programs and Support Modules

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Software, Programs andSupport Modules

comprises of computer programs , supportmodules, and data modules that worktogether in order to provide a computerwith the instructions and data necessaryfor carrying out aspecific type of task.

Program * a set of instructions that tells a computerhow to solve a problem or carry out a task

Support Module * provides an auxiliary set of instructionsthat can be used in conjunction with themain software program * not designed to be run by the computeruser

Why does a software requires so many files? * Most software packages include at least oneexecutable program file, several supportmodules, and one or more data modules. * It is for the programmers’ great deal
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While interacting with application software,operating system is busy behind the sceneswith other tasks.

How does an operating system affect the “lookand feel” of application software?
An operating system typically provides userinterface tools, such as menus and toolbarbuttons, that define the “look and feel” for allof its compatible software.
Apple computer released its popular Macintoshcomputer in 1984, which featured a GUI operating system and applications.
During 1992, when Windows 3.1 becamestandard issue on most PCs, GUIs did catch onin the PC market, replacing a command-lineinterface that had given many people a stringaversion to computers in general.

Where is the operating system?
The entire operating system is small enough tobe stored in ROM for typically handheldcomputers and video game consoles.
For nearly all personal computers, servers,workstations, mainframes, andsupercomputers, the operating system programis quite large, so most of it is stored on a harddisk.
The bootstrap program provides theinstructions needed to load the core parts(kernel) into memory when the system boots. * Cold boot- Turning on computer that has been powered off * Warm boot- Restarting computer that is powered on
Customization utilities and other parts of theoperating system are loaded into memory asthey are needed.

Are different operating
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