Softwood Cuttings

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Asexual: Softwood cuttings
Select a healthy rosemary plant cutting with good genetics that has new growth branches on it. This helps with growing softwood cuttings from scratch.
>Why I did this step is because getting good genetics and softwood cutting has more growing hormone to get it started. Also having a healthy plant from the start helps because due to the fact is has no diseases.

Then cut it on a 45 degree angle about 5 to 10 cm from the top of the cutting use secateurs make sure they are sharp and sterilized before cutting,as they can transfer plant diseases and destroy the cells on the cuttings.
>Why I would do this step cut the cutting on 45 degrees is to give it more surface area for it to take up the nutrients, water
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And all the plants can be maintained equally, if spread apart.

Put in glass house or if you do not have use some this clear film with a few hole in it so it can respirate. >Why I would do this step to protect it from the wind and if I was colder will help keep the plant warmer which assist with growth.Temperature is key when germinating seeds to they can sprout and then grow

Also label the punnett.
>Why I did this step to know when you planted the them so you can monitor how long they take to grow and know what type of plant it is.

Water the punnet regularly to keep the soil moist.
>Why I did this step water to keep growing and alive. So the germination process can occur quickly and it also can photosynthesis when it is a bigger plant.

When you can see the plant has grown and is fully grown into the punnet move it to a bigger area like a pot or a garden with lots of nutritious soil. >Why I did this because it will stop growing when all of the roots take up the punnet, so when you transport it can keep grow with more nutritions and get bigger and spread its roots
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Also when grown through a seed it helps for the starting process of germination

Bottom heat

High humidity

Time of year The cuttings are mostly taken and grown in a warmer time of year like end of February, as if it was mid winter it would be to cold for the cutting to grow
The seeds also need a reasonable warm time of year to grow as if they don't the seeds won't be able germinate

If there isn't enough light there the cutting will not be able to grow and photosynthesis.
The seeds require light when germinating as this is the direction they sprout there shoot.

In conclusion for growing a rosemary plant using the plant propagation techniques I would choose asexual. I believe it's a lot better way than sexual.Due to the fact that when you grow from a cutting it is a quicker way to grow the plant. Whereas if you grow from sexual through seeds it takes a lot longer as the seed has to germinate. Also the cutting will be similar to the parent plant you will be able to know what you are going to get. As if you used the seeds they might not be used to the environment, therefore could struggle to grow in the
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