Sojourner Truth During The Late 1700 's And Early 1800 ' S

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Sojourner Truth played a vital role in inspiring people to stand up against slavery and injustice. She stood up for herself and every African-American. She had the courage to stand up and leave her slave owner. She stood up for herself and her son in court when he was sold illegally to a slave owner in a different state. She had the moxy to become a public figure and talk about injustice against women and African-American slaves. In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, no one had ever heard of a woman slave taking a stand to control her and her family’s life. Sojourner Truth was before her time.

Sojourner Truth (Isabella Baumfree at the time) had been sold to four different slave owners in her lifetime. Her last owner was named John Dunmont. …show more content…

Even though Sojourner and her daughter were free her son, Peter was not. Although slavery was not outlawed at the time, it was illegal to trade slaves across state lines. After Truth was freed she soon found out that her son, Peter had been sold illegally to a slave owner in Alabama. She was angry. It’s hard to stop a mother who wants her kids to be safe and that’s exactly what she proved. With the help of the Van Wegener’s, Truth found Peter’s owner and went to court. Sojourner Truth was the very first African-American woman to ever win a court case against a white male. She took a stand for herself and her family.

Truth didn’t stop after her win in the courtroom. She became a fierce abolitionist, women’s rights advocate, and a basic humans rights supporter. Truth found she was called to religion and became a traveling Methodist preacher. That is why she changed her name. She changed her name from Isabella to Sojourner at the age of fifty-two because they were God’s instructions to her. Aside from becoming a preacher she spoke to crowds all around to country. She often spoke with people like Frederick B. Douglass who was one of the most renowned basic humans rights speaker and was also the first black citizen to have a good job in the US government. She also got praise from people like Harriet Beecher Stowe. Harriet was from a prominent family who believed in honesty and equality. She later became an

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