Solar : An Alternative Energy Source

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Title: Solar as an Alternative Energy Source

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Meta Description: Save money and examine the positive impact of using the sun 's rays as an alternative source of energy.

With the availability of coal, oil and natural gas more limited every day, many people are turning to the oldest and most abundant source of power on Earth -- the sun. Solar energy uses the natural energy-making process of photosynthesis for plants and offers a reliable alternative energy source for homeowners and businesses seeking a cost-effective solution to rising energy bills.

Why Choose an Alternative Energy Source

People have relied on the power of fossil fuels for hundreds of years. Fossil fuels are used to make coal, oil and gas that powers cars, factories and homes. These fuels are burned to meet the needs of most of the energy consumption throughout the world. When considering the popularity of fossil fuels, many wonder why people should consider an alternative energy source.

According to the [Union of Concerned Scientists], several negative consequences result from the burning of fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels releases extra carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, destabilizing an already delicate balance that results in global temperature changes. These changes affect sea levels and climate patterns, wreaking havoc on economies around the

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