Solar Energy- The True Power of the Sun

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They say the greatest thing about our Universe is its ability to produce certain renewable energies which is then used by humans. There are numerous amounts of renewable energies found in the world. The sun, wind and tides in the oceans are just some of the many kinds . The sun alone does so much in the environment that may sometimes go unnoticed. its one of the many things some humans take for granted. Humans use the sun for various reasons, to tan on the beach, or even for their basic vitamin D. The sun triggers photosynthesis in the chlorophyll molecules of green leaves , a reaction that produces carbohydrates which is initially the basis for all terrestrial life. Scientists’ say it takes millions of years for the energy found in the sun’s core to reach the solar surface, following that it takes a bit over eight minutes to travel the 98 million miles to earth. The amount this solar energy travels to earth is approximately the speed of 186,000 miles per second, measured in the speed of light (, 2014). The sun is amazing itself, it provides so much for the living organism on planet earth and the most important energy formed is solar energy. Solar energy is also the strongest/ most powerful of all renewable energy resources in the world (Writer, 2014).

The sun is the initial producer of Solar energy. The sun radiates everyday in other terms it sends out an enormous amount of energy. Scientists’ have also come up with amazing facts, such as saying that

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