Roland Winston's Use Of Light Components In Solar Energy

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The sun is a massive, glowing sphere of hot gas, comprised mostly of hydrogen and helium. Over the course of Earth’s existence, it has allowed life on Earth to reproduce and thrive. It energizes plants, creates the water cycle and the weather, and basically warms the Earth. But with time allowing vast improvements in technology and research, the Sun is not limited to such things. Technology has allowed humans to harvest energy from the Sun and use it to power homes, mobile devices, and basically anything that requires electricity. Solar panels are now a very common alternative for many homeowners because it saves them money from their electric bill. But these inventions would not be put into play without someone to discover them. Enter Roland Winston.
Roland Winston is an American physicist and the current lead professor for the University of California Solar Institute. In his early life, Winston first went to Shimer College, a small liberal college, in 1950 where he received his Bachelor’s of Arts, but later on transferred to the
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This discovery is now used in both illumination and light collection. According to Winston himself, his favorite application of this is in solar energy where his wide-angle optics concentrates without tracking the sun which provides a great advantage. Today, Winston currently resides in Merced, California where he teaches Physics to undergraduates in University of California, Merced. It is there where he also directs UC Solar, a facility wherein students and postdoctoral researchers develop new and innovative technologies that is primarily focused in utilizing solar energy and allowing for it to be more pocket-friendly and easier to operate. Winston’s vision and research allows for a brighter future for solar, one in which he claims to be “so bright, you’ll have to wear
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