Soldier Camp Diary

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George lives in German occupied France in 1942 with his brother Shawn. They live in a small village south of Paris that is not occupied yet. They love to play soccer together and they were on the same soccer team all the years that they played. George is 19 and Shawn is 17 years old. They both love to watch airplanes fly over their house and hear the engines roar. One night they heard loud noises that woke them up at 2:00 in the morning. Suddenly the door slammed open and they heard German soldiers screaming commands. They were captured by the Germans that came into their house. The Germans put them in a truck that was driving to the center of Berlin. Shawn got a concussion when the Germans threw him into the truck. Shawn felt very dizzy and …show more content…

George and Shawn were going to escape today with the help of their French soldier friends. They escaped the camp a couple of days after making their plan. They turned off the power to the search lights and when the Germans weren't looking and they cut a hole into the fence surrounding the camp leading to the parking lot. They stole a German car with help of the French soldiers and the Germans started to chase after them. They started to go through different German villages and crossed the border to get to France. The Germans were still chasing them through French villages after they left Germany. They hid in a barn under hay and an owl was watching them the whole night. They stayed …show more content…

The Germans were scouting the area and couldn’t find George and Shawn anywhere. George and Shawn snuck out of the village when the Germans left to go back to Berlin. George and Shawn wanted to go back to their village so they can have it peaceful like it used to be before the war. They missed playing soccer together with their friends. George and Shawn made it back to their village but there was nothing left of it. Their house was blown up into pieces. They felt like their whole childhood crumbled just like their house. There were a couple of French soldiers that helped them out and gave them food and water. They were finally safe at their village with no Germans looking for them. George and Shawn knew that in a couple of years after the war more French citizens would help rebuild their village and other villages. After the war George and Shawn were talking about building a futbol field so they could have a match with their old teammates. They were walking to a shelter with a French soldier and a British spitfire flew over. The British spitfire was the best airplane in World War II. The French soldier that was walking with them said “The spitfire glides like the

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