Solomon 's Strengths And Weaknesses

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Solomon 's strengths and weaknesses as a king are listed below:
One of King Solomon strengths were being responsible for building the first temple located in Jerusalem. It took six years or more to complete this mission, however; he was committed to God and illustrated a level of wisdom that God bestowed upon him due to his obedience. My beliefs of this type of commitment are that God granted him specific skills to allow him to be knowledgeable to build and oversee this mission. King Solomon desired for the people of the Israel descendants to pray or repent for God to accept their apology for their shortcoming or sins and those they would try to serve him in a more honest manner. Their belief of these modifications within their lifestyle would have permitted them to hear from God, and only he could forgive their sins. For example, he could wipe the slate clean removing the people of Israel’s sins away. His purpose was to strive to help the upcoming creation of the people within this region so that they could have a more abundance lifestyle. In analyzing this concept, God was displaying the quality of life and his ability to have the power to bless people with a productive lifestyle as long as they followed his instruction and was obedient.
Although Solomon loved God, he did not follow the Ten Commandments because he lusted after a woman. Therefore, his commitments unto God were not without flaws but a bit tarnished due to his vulnerability. He would lust after a married…
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