Solution To Cyberbullying In The United States

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20% of children ages 11-18 have been victim to cyberbullying! 84% of cyber bullies have admitted to knowing who their target was. We need to put a stop to these cyber bullies and have them prosecuted for their wrong doings. Cyberbullying should be made a crime and cyber bullies prosecuted. Bills are being passed to stop cyberbullying, congress members in D.C support the bills because of the self harm and depression victims are suffering as a result of this bullying.
Victims to cyber bullying have inflicted harm on themselves because of the hurtful things that happen on social media. If not inflicting self harm, they often suffer depression or are afraid to go outside of their house. In this case, a 13 year old student named “Megan Meier” was targeted, the female bully proceeded to make a fake male MySpace account and used it to flirt with Megan. Then a few weeks later “he”
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Congress is receiving the bills as something that needs to be passed, to prosecute the cyber bullies that are causing their victims to cause harm on themselves. The cyber bullies prevention act is not like any other bill it is trying to be put in place to stop other kids from suffering what Megan Meier had to go through. This particular bill is trying to get cyber bullies who do bully to get prosecuted and be facing a fine or even jail time. This needs to be passed as their are too many victims and it is not stopping. The senators in New York have been for this cause for a long time as already giving more names for cyberbullying like,”trolling,” and,” exclusion.” Trolling for example, is a trap or a game played against a person(victim), or it may not what that person intended but it gets out of hand and then they can't control the joking and laughing. Exclusion is the other form of bullying with leaving someone out of a conversation or not even acknowledging that they are
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