Solutions For The Youth Violence

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Solutions to Our Youth Violence Gang and youth violence has become a seemingly unfixable issue in countries around the globe. Zooming in on America, the U.S government has made efforts to keep gang violence under control through the try and failed method of mass imprisonment and also placing more policemen in affected neighborhoods to patrol the streets. Not only did the government help expand gang networks in prisons by using these tactics, but these “solutions” also made the youth living in harsh circumstances, such as poverty, feel the need to create a resistance identity to fight back against criminalization. Little did officers and police officials know that they were actually contributing to the institutionalization of gangs and making the violence worse. In essence, through years of attempts of trying to at least keep the situation under control, it has gotten worse. Now that it has become apparent that gang violence is not getting better, three authors have taken initiative to propose possible solutions. Is there even an effective solution to the youth and gang violence? Dave Grossman, the author of Killing In America, What Are We Doing to Our Children, believes that our youth is being desensitized by the media. In particular, Grossman believes that through exposure to violence through movies and video games, our youth is being classically conditioned to enjoy violence. He states that this behavior starts off “innocently”(Grossman 312) with cartoon programs…

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