Solvay Group Analysis Essay

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Question 1 - Would you grant any of the special requests of the four expat candidates? Provide your rationale. Solvay’s HR group wants to develop consistent policies for the International Mobility (IM) program and be more transparent about the expatriation process. Therefore, it is important to minimize the exceptions because exceptions require a deviation from standard protocol. However, HR must also remain flexible in order to meet the strategic needs of the company. As noted in the case (pg. 1), special requests are “not unusual for the expat process.” Standard protocols are essential when handling employees who work in similar environments, and who have similar roles. However, it is important to make exceptions when asking…show more content…
We took all of these objectives into consideration when developing our recommendations, and we are confident that our recommendations are consistent with the goals of Solvay’s IM program. Question 2 - How should Solvay Group quantify the costs and benefits of international mobility? In pure business terms, quantifying return on an investment is not a difficult task. Quantifying the impact of Solvay’s International Mobility (IM) program is, however, an arduous task. Lorent mentions that in his previous work, he was able to measure results with a Return On Investment (ROI) assessment. Unfortunately with this type of program, it can be difficult to determine an exact value for aspects of this program that contribute to the overall goals of the company. With that being said, Solvay may not be able to get an exact scientific number, but rather a close approximation which would provide an estimate and trends of some of the costs and benefits. The first step for quantifying expatriation experiences is to implement and maintain a tracking system. HR needs to make it a priority to create or find software that easily tracks the costs and ROI related to the expatriation program. Solvay admittedly had difficulty with the back office
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