Essay about Solving Racism Yesterday and Today

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She sat in class, listening to a lecture on the Civil Rights Movement. “That was how things used to be” her teacher told her. She looked around the classroom, each race in a separate corner. She couldn’t help but think, maybe the laws have changed, but the people sure haven’t. In everyday situations, racism is still very apparent. Racism in America has come a long way, however, there is still ways to go. Since our country was founded, racism has been a there. Abolishing racism can only happen years of effort from everyone. We need to start working on solving the racial issues to benefit our future. After the Civil Rights Movement, laws were made banning slavery entirely. Eventually, whites no longer owned slaves, however, …show more content…

This causes kids to feel obligated to be like their stereotypes. Changes need to be made soon in efforts to have a racism free future. Simple steps can be taken to solve, and eventually eliminate racism. The only way this is possible is by opening the minds of children. Kids are young and their brains are not fully developed so they are still willing to take in new ideas. Adults, however, have developed brains and not as much capacity to have new opinions. Kids spend a significant amount of time in schools. It should be required that schools teach kids about how racial discrimination is wrong. Also, classes should not be so segregated. Schools should have to make efforts to have equal amounts of races in all of their classes. People in America are constantly exposed to media. From TVs to billboards in is seen everywhere. Kids in particular tend to go along with the opinions media gives them. If we stop portraying races as groups of people that shouldn’t be together, kids will get that impression. We must stop showing segregation and discrimination constantly in media. If the changes are made, it will not affect the people in our generation. The acceptance and tolerance of other races will have to be taught and passed down to future children. If we do these things, the future will be a brighter place. If a lot of people put their full effort in, the future will be much better in terms of racial

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