Somali Ethnic Groups

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The History, Religion, and Traditions of Somalia’s Ethnic Groups Somali ethnic groups do not only live in Somalia, they live in northern Kenya, the Ogaden region of eastern Ethiopia, and Djibouti. Even though Somali ethnic groups live in different places around Somalia, they still consider themselves as one. The country of Somalia is best understood by learning about the “Horn of Africa,” defining its common religion, and examining its rich traditions. Comprehending the history of the “Horn of Africa” is important in order to understand its effect on Somali ethnic groups. Unlike most of African nations, Somalia is made up of single, homogeneous ethnic groups (Lewis). Somalia shares a uniform language, religion, and culture that leads to a common ancestor. In the mid 1800s, Somalia was broken down into several territories by Colonies. The French controlled the northern region (the area that is now Djibouti), the British colonized northern Somalia (creating a country called British Somaliland), Italians governed southern Somalia (creating Italian Somaliland), Ethiopia controlled the region of Ogaden, and Kenya controlled the northern border that contains Somalis (Lewis). In 1900, “British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland peacefully obtained independence and were united to form the current borders of Somalia” (Lewis). After World War II, British gain control of Ogaden which was designated as part of Ethiopia. Military conflict arose between Ethiopia and
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