Sonic: A Fictional Narrative

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Sonic was falling, fast. He quickly reached and grabbed for his board, getting on it just at the last second and riding it once more. “that was close, now to take care of jet!” said sonic. “and figure out what tails is doing on the island.” Said sonic, who couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed in tails. He knew tails was upset about not going on the mission, but and order was an order, he just wanted tails to be safe. “back again are we hedgehog!” said jet. “release my friend!” said sonic. “and give me back my island!” said knuckles, trying to attack jet, but missing. Storm ran into knuckles and knocked him down onto the island. Knuckles got up and punched the big guy in the stomach, but predator was there to kick him down. Espio …show more content…

“that’s new.” Said sonic. Silver came down from a genesis portal and saw this. He quickly grew into panic. “oh no it’s happening.” as the babylon’s left, sonic changed back into his normal self. “AND DON’T YOU DARE COME BACK TO THIS ISLAND EITHER YOU HEAR!” said knuckles. “now to wake up tails.” “sonic.” “oh hey silver.” Said sonic, greeting the silver hedgehog. “glad to see you’re back to normal, we need to talk back at HQ.” “ok, but 1st, let’s have a chat with tails.” Sonic woke up tails, who woke up confused to what was going on. “hey guys…what am I doing here?” said tails. “that’s’ what I want to know. Tails, I know you were disappointed that you didn’t get to be a part of this mission but did you have to sneak out like that. With signs of the anti-mobions coming back this isn’t exactly the time to do this.” Sonic said with his arms crossed. “sonic I don’t know how I got here, I swear!” said tails. He wanted to tell the truth but he knew sonic wouldn’t believe that, and things were looking bad for him enough already. “tails, just tell me the truth.” Said sonic. “all right, a dark figure took me here.” “a dark figure?” said

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