Sonnet 150 Literary Devices

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The Dark Lady and the Troubles That She Causes
Poetry is oftentimes a fascinating bit of literature. In a short amount of time, one is expected to have a topic and cut to the chase of things. This poem is a sonnet by none other than the legendary Shakespeare. Sonnet 150 has all the makings of a sonnet with the standardized form that makes it unidentifiably Shakespeare. The sonnet follows the rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg which shows three quatrains and one couplet. Sonnet 150 is a one of the later poems that changes significantly from Shakespeare’s earlier works about love and crooning about how magical these feelings are. When looking at these later poems, we see Shakespeare acknowledging that love has its faults. These feelings are no longer the perfect centerpiece that can easily blind those in youth. Now that some age has passed, we the reader are in for a more grounded oftentimes colder treat that mirrors reality far more accurately than those of a love struck puppy. This sonnet is actually about beauty, how that beauty is handled, and ends with a truth about two different beings can come to terms with one another with all the flaws that they are riddled with.
This poem is about the radiance of woman. The poem doesn’t mention any particular woman per say. Because of the way this poem is laid out, I feel like this is a forewarning about the imperfect nature of not only women, but how imperfect love is. This sonnet is more likely a classification of the
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